Virtual Therapy

All appointments are virtual, in the comfort of your own home. The video chat platform can be accessed on computer or phone and should not require any downloads.

While virtual counseling removes commute time, I recommend factoring in some time to transition from prior tasks to your session. Use the restroom if you need to; perhaps take a few moments to sit quietly with your eyes closed and listen to what you want from session. This gives the best care for your emotions, and helps us make the best use of the time dedicated for your personal well-being! An intentional consideration for your needs during session is also helpful. Try to pick a location with a good internet connections, where you feel safe, comfortable, and are likely to be free from distractions. You may want to have tissues available, water to drink, and something to take notes. Afterward, try to allow time to transition from your session back into other tasks, where possible.

You will receive the web link by email in your appointment confirmation. Bookmark this URL, as it will be the same every time unless otherwise arranged for certain needs. You are welcome to log in prior to your appointment for video/audio quality check.