Success: Letting go of the fear

Success. We all want it. Or at least we think we do.

If you avoid taking risks, it may be more than just a fear of failure holding you back. Failure is only one option. You could also succeed! And what would that mean? Have you actually allowed yourself to feel what it would be like on the other side or your challenge?

Success is more than just a “happily ever after.” In real life, the story doesn’t end once the present challenge is accomplished. Envision life after success, so you can be prepared for what comes next. Imagine what it feels like not just to have succeeded, but to Be Successful.

Being successful requires an active participation in your life. Luck can happen to you; success is earned, and being successful is just that- a way of being, not simply a one-time accomplishment needed to obtain the label.

Success, for me, means living up to my potential. It doesn’t always mean getting the outcome I want- there are always circumstances outside of our control. But it does mean no excuses when it comes to doing my best.

Sometimes we intentionally keep success at bay. By putting success on a distant pedestal, we get to believe there’s green grass somewhere, that we can have eventually, maybe once we’ve “earned” it. There’s a comfort in excuses, in the familiarity of the struggle, and not facing the fear of uncertainty of what it looks like to be successful.

I’ll admit it- I’ve felt this fear. When I took success off the pedestal and looked at it up close, I discovered…Living up to my potential is a pretty big responsibility, and that’s kind of scary! To embrace success means letting go of excuses and being open to new and different responsibilities.

If you ever find yourself unsure and asking, “Do I deserve this,” you’re asking the wrong question. Trust that you do deserve success. Step up to the pedestal. Believe that it is within your reach, and feel what it’s like to hold it in your wear the identity of being successful and take on the responsibility that come with it. See how you like it, make sure you really want it. Then ask, “How hard am I willing to work for this?”