Who do you listen to?

On my drive to the gym the other day, I spent the whole way considering whether to go to a class or use the equipment in the weight room. By the time I was changed, I had decided I wanted cardio… the “bodyflow” class is very routine, and I would get my preferred yoga class tomorrow. So I laced up my shoes instead of putting on the flip flops, and headed out of the locker room.

And yet, next thing I knew, I found myself stepping into the class room! All that thoughtful consideration and logic, and yet here I was following my body’s lead.
So I did the Bodyflow yoga class, and enjoyed it more than I expected. And I still wanted cardio, so went in and topped it off with the treadmill. And once again, thankfully, I listened to my body instead of my brain. My brain was telling me, “Oh, maybe 5 minutes is enough. The time is going so slowly. What was I thinking, setting it for 20 minutes?”
But I didn’t listen to my brain that was making excuses to cut the run short. Stopping was always an option, I don’t have to give in immediately. 10 minutes in, I’d found my pacing and ease. And then I didn’t want to be stopping yet. I wanted to see the end of the Niagara Falls trail I was virtually running!
Yoga instructor Roz Adams of www.rozfitness.com
Yoga instructor Roz Adams of www.rozfitness.com
The moral of the story is, our bodies have their own wisdom. As much as athletics can be about pushing limits, we can also learn to listen to and trust our bodies more. This is true whether it’s about working out, whether to cry, etc. It can help to silence the thoughts and just be present to the moment. And, to quote my favorite yoga instructor.. “Be still, and your will will move with the tide of the spirit.”